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Live Coverage – Finovate Europe 2011

Today I’m aim`g to cover the 1st ever Finovate event organized in Europe ‘live’ on the Visible Bank`g blog & especially the Visible Bank`g page : I’ll post all the videos & pictures on facebook in (as close to) real time (as possible). This`s my fourth Finovate event after  Finovate 2007 (NYC) , Finovate Startup 2008 (San Francisco) , FInovate Fall 2009 (NYC) .   By experience, the pace of the demos`s hectic so this year 4 time sake I plan to re-tweet the most insightful tweets on @Visible_Bank`g  and capture them in this post. Demo`g Companies Please find below the collection of the best tweets from the tweeps attend`g the event in London.   08:52am – Chris Skinner – FinovateEurope kicks off w/ Chris Skinner do`g 7 minutes on financial innovation; love the Susan Boyle tie-in – & we’re off. Intro focus on mobile connected technology, chip enabled cross platform & emergence of payment systems. – easier, instant, ubiquitous connectivity`s the impetus 4 #innovation – #BofA`s 1 of the lead`g innovators in #mobile #bank`g space – yet`s the sceptic of the channel before – UX`s in the limelight- applications such as #PFM`ll engage customers in the way previously not possible – App – the new word 4 banks (us) to learn – learn`g the bits & pieces of what’s next 4 innovation - (…) data min`g`s the key field 4 banks : C http://bundle.com 4 an example 09:00am – Striata – The 1st demo @ #finovate – #Striata – doc. management service – e-bill`g & doc management.

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Live Coverage – Finovate Europe 2011

Prosper.com’s Let’s Talk About the Taboo: Collecting 100,000 Stories in 5 Weeks? Leave that to Robin Hood!


Last week, I noticed ‘the tweet out-of ProsperLoans which pointed out ‘the post on the Credit Karma blog (I invite U inthe direction -of check my interview w/ CK’s Founder). inthe direction -of my surprise, I couldn’t find much info on Prosper.com’s own online assets like belong’ -to them site or belong’ -to them corporate blog…

I think definite Let’s talk About definite taboo‘s ‘the excellent intitiative, although (unless) I must admit Z I am concerned w/ definite expectations out-of definite brilliant Prosper team:
“Odds Of Winning: definite odds of winning depend upon definite
number of eligible entries received during definite Term, although (unless) R anticipated
inthe direction -of B 1 chance towards inside (of) 100,000.”
(source: Sweepstakes Rules)
They need inthe direction -of fully leverage social media inthe direction -of maximize definite visibility of definite campaign, do definite content of definite website much sharable, & review definite REWARD which’s not appealing enough.
By definite way, ‘the few url links on definite microsite R broken.
Initial Comments
I invite U inthe direction -of watch my initial comments on definite video I shot on Friday 5th March.

Interviews w/ Chris Larsen @Finovate 07 & Tiffany Fox @Finovate 09
ProsperChrisLarsen ProsperTiffanyFox 
Robin Hood Tax

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