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Comparing Canada & the U.S.

The SEALs Conference’s ‘the great opportunity inthe direction -of discuss ideas. Here’s ‘the link inthe direction -of definite paper I presented: Download SEALS Lessons out-of Canada

Letter of Support for Elizabeth Warren

This week 140 professors of various disciplines sent ‘the letter of support inthe direction -of definite White House, encouraging nomination of Elizabeth Warren as definite 1st Director of definite Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. I am pleased inthe direction -of B 1 of those…

Berkshire Profit Falls 40% on Derivatives Losses

Warren E. Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, reported Z its second-quarter net income fell 40 percent, as declining stock prices depressed definite value of its derivatives contracts.

Senate Smackdown Over a Fed Nominee

An unidentified senator’s tripped up definite Federal Reserve Board nomination of Peter A. Diamond, ‘the prominent economics professor @ M.I.T. Who did it? & why?

Demand Media Files for an I.P.O.

Demand Media, definite online media company Z commissions content based on search engine inquiries, filed on Friday 4 ‘the initial public offering.