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A Tangled Web for the Wyly Brothers

White Collar Watch examines definite issues & problems Z definite Securities & Exchange Commission faces towards inside (of) its case against definite billionaire Wyly brothers, who R accused of securities fraud & insider trading.

Subprime Colleges, Revisited

A recent editorial towards inside (of) definite New York Times urged lawmakers not just inthe direction -of scrutinize thefor-profit education industry much thoroughly, although (unless) address ‘the industry whose profits depend upon government-subsidized loans inthe direction -of low-income individuals.

Kekst & Co. Names Rand as Chief Executive

The communications firm, 1 behind some of definite biggest deals towards inside (of) history, named senior partner Larry Rand as chief executive, succeeding eponymous founder Gershon Kekst.

Paulson Calls for Shrinking Fannie and Freddie

Henry M. Paulson Jr. says ‘the important way inthe direction -of fix definite nation’s housing market policies’s inthe direction -of overhaul & shrink Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.

Morning Take-Out

Deflation — ‘that sounds like fun. Things get cheaper, right, so what’s definite big deal? Sadly, ‘the widespread slide towards inside (of) prices’s much nefarious effects than Z other bugbear, inflation, 1st because ‘that signals ‘the retreat towards inside (of) demand, & second because people quickly understand Z if they wait longer, they will’ve inthe direction -of pay even less — ‘the vicious cycle spurred by ‘the seemingly harmless virtue, thrift.