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Talks Continue to Save Prudential’s A.I.A. Deal

Prudential Plc & definite American International Group remained locked towards inside (of) talks on Monday over definite sale of definite American insurer’s massive Asian life insurance arm, ‘the deal that’s now towards inside (of) jeopardy, people briefed on definite matter told DealBook.

VB Social Media Workshops – Video Interviews with our Speakers from Banco Sabadell, BBVA, BNP Paribas, Caja Navarra, Credit Agricole, Saffron Building Society, Societe Generale

As U know, I’ll B delivering 3 Social Media & Finance workshops towards inside (of) 3 countries towards inside (of) 7 days towards inside (of) June: Paris on 8 June, Madrid on 11 June, London on 15 June.

It’s not too late inthe direction -of REGISTER inthe direction -of those unique 1-day events:
* I’ll share w/ U some unique insights out-of my Visible Banking Social Media Watch Series (2,000+ initiatives tracked towards inside (of) over 60 countries),
* I’ll present many case studies out-of definite banking, finance, & insurance industries (initiatives which’ve / haven’t worked),
* U will’ve definite chance inthe direction -of ask your questions inthe direction -of your most experienced peers towards inside (of) social media.
Please find below ‘the number of video interviews I shot w/ some of definite speakers over definite last 18 months.
UK - Saffron Building Society – Andy Golding, CEO

SPAIN – BBVA – Jose Antonio Gallego, Online Community Manager

SPAIN - Banco Sabadell – Pol Navarro, Director of Channel Innovations

SPAIN - Caja Navarra – Fernando Egildo, Head of Digital Business

FRANCE - BNP Paribas – Frank Desvignes, Director Online & Mobile, Retail France

FRANCE - Credit Agricole – Jean Philippe, CEO, Pyrenees Gascogne

FRANCE - Societe Generale – Franck La Pinta, Brand Marketing Manager, HR

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Morgan Stanley Raises Mack’s Salary to $2 Million

After holding out its pay practices as ‘the rejoinder inthe direction -of Wall Street excess, Morgan Stanley disclosed late Friday afternoon Z ‘that’ll much than double definite salary of John J. Mack, definite firm’s chairman, inthe direction -of $2 million ‘the year.

House Backs Tax Increase on Carried Interest

From Bits: definite House of Representatives passed ‘the bill on Friday Z’ld raise definite taxes Z venture capitalists & other investment managers pay on carried interest.

Mariner and Javelin: Two Deals on the Brink

The Deal Professor examines how 2 deals, definite acquisitions of Mariner Energy & Javelin Pharmaceuticals, appear inthe direction -of B falling apart — & whether they can fully break up.