Archive for April 30, 2010

Greece Said to Be Close to Deal on Rescue Plan

The Greek government, rapidly running out of time inthe direction -of shore up its finances,’s close inthe direction -of completing negotiations 4 assistance out-of definite International Monetary Fund, European officials said Friday.

Goldman Shares Dive on Inquiries and Downgrades

Already facing investigations on 2 fronts inside (of) its practices towards inside (of) definite mortgage market, Goldman Sachs came under pressure out-of investors as well after Standard & Poor’s changed its rating inthe direction -of sell.

Consumers Know About P2P Payments, Wary of Using Them

Although person-to-person payments R not yet widely available, U.S. consumers get definite concept of them, ‘the survey released @ this week’s NACHA show & sponsored by NACHA, eCom Advisors, FIS & PayPal found.

Beware of Microbursts, Cisco Warns Banks

You may B measuring data latency towards inside (of) your data center or trading environment, although (unless) U may not B measuring ‘that towards inside (of) small enough increments inthe direction -of detect very short spikes towards inside (of) traffic Z may B causing data packets inthe direction -of B dropped, towards inside (of) turn causing orders inthe direction -of B dropped or market data inthe direction -of fall out of sync w/ trading strategies, Cisco executives said yesterday. High-frequency trading’s definite most logical place 4 bankers inthe direction -of B worried about microbursts; however, anywhere ‘the firm needs inthe direction -of analyze fast-moving data — e.g. real-time risk management & performance management — microbursts may potentially B ‘the issue.

Citi Executive to Retire After Cutting Toxic Assets

Citigroup said Richard Stuckey, named towards inside (of) January 2009 inthe direction -of oversee $241 billion of definite bank’s most troubled mortgages & bonds,’ld retire later this year after cutting definite toxic asset pool nearly towards inside (of) half.